About Us

Welcome to Strayboards!!!

Happy to have you!

We are StrayBoards crew, and we created this brand from passion to surfing and to help our customers find their dream board for the right price.

We are constantly updating and expanding our inventory to make sure that surfing is accessible to anyone at any time. For that reason, every board is available for shipping, and we are not hiding any signs of usage.

Our mission is to provide ultimate customer service and redefine the surf-shop vibe! Sounds crazy?

You bet!

Swing by, say Aloha, check out the boards and get some fresh coffee in your system, or simply come hang out.

Strayboard name comes from love to dogs and we help to feed them. We are animal friendly place so please bring your puppy and be ready for surprises.

We are here to provide you with the best surfboard experience.