Sell Your Board



Are you looking to thin out your quiver, or trade-in your current surfboard toward a surfboard we have in our Stray Boards Surf Shop?? WE GOT YOU!! 

All surfboards are purchased depending on a few factors:

1. Types of surfboards we're looking for at that specific time (ie: grom boards, shortboards, fish, midlengths, longboards, etc).

2. Condition of the board (ie: damage, color, pressure wear, coloring, etc).

3. Handshapes, alternative boards, uniqueness are also factored into the price.

If we like your board enough to buy it, we'll pay you on the spot - typically Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or Check.

If you want to trade-in for a surfboard in our shop, the agreed price will be credited toward the board of your selection. You just pay the difference.

Let the surfboard buying/trading begin!!  


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